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OrcaTV is a digital media company that drives student success and student engagement across a college campus. We achieve this by distributing a unique, curated channel of student and faculty submitted fliers, videos, and social media that simplifies communications on college campuses and helps to inform and engage the university community. By bringing many different communication mediums to one place, OrcaTV creates a centralized platform that is accessible, interactive, and fun to use.

how it Started

OrcaTV was created by the students for the students to help make the sharing of information on campus as easy and fun as possible. As undergrads, we noticed screens around campus that nobody was using. How crazy is that? So we partnered with the school to get student content on them and the platform quickly became a unique "Campus Life Channel", a centralized place for students and faculty to distribute and consume information regarding events and announcements on campus. Realizing this was a great way to engage and inform students on college campuses, OrcaTV was started and we've been spreading our love for improving the undergraduate experience ever since! And, after over seven years of growing the business, we've proudly joined the Apogee family!