You, Too, Can be a Campus Celebrity

Halloween at the University of Mary Washington is kind of a big deal. Among their time-honored traditions is a particularly entertaining one: their Dean of Student Affairs dresses up as Winnie the Pooh and hands out candy to students.

OrcaTV rode the wave of this popular holiday by aggregating all of the social media related to Halloween and distributing it everywhere on campus. Students and faculty merely had to use the hashtag #UMWHalloween on their social media posts about Halloween and OrcaTV was able to consolidate and review all of the wonderful student and faculty created media for the holiday. 

Did your professor dress up as the grim reaper because you had a midterm that day? Maybe your whole freshman hall dressed up as different characters from Harry Potter. If you posted a picture on Instagram or tweeted about it using the hashtag, we got it. We reviewed it and seamlessly delivered it in a live stream to the entire campus community.

When you’re at a baseball game (or any sporting event, for that matter) and you see yourself on the jumbo-screen, do you not freak out with excitement? What’s that? You do? We thought so. Initiatives like this aim to achieve that same adrenaline rush of seeing yourself on the big screen and achieving temporary celebrity status time and time again.

We call this the celebrity effect. It is totally awesome to see yourself, your friends and your favorite professors on the screens. The best part is, everyone is more likely to pay attention to all of the other content being distributed when it is interspersed with fun, engaging initiatives such as this. Ultimately, OrcaTV has the power to marry administrative content with fun content!