Broccoli and Cake

What is content? To us, everything generated on college campuses including flyers, videos and social media feeds are all encompassed under the umbrella of “content”. We like to divide the types of content that we receive into two categories: broccoli and cake. 

Broccoli represents the administrative content that may not be super fun or interesting but is healthy and good for everyone. For example, class registration announcements or information on campus safety procedures. Cake, on the other hand, is exciting, fluffy, delicious content that is usually student-driven. Examples of cake might include a video clip from last week’s football game or a highlight reel from Squirrel Appreciation Day. 

OrcaTV aims to seamlessly marry the two together in a universal Campus Life Channel. The idea is that the more cake you give people, the more likely they are to digest the broccoli. The more fun, engaging types of content we make available, the more likely the important administrative content is likely to be viewed and remembered.

Gradually, we have noticed that the content we receive is all dynamic and interesting. It has become increasingly difficult to distinguish between broccoli and cake. The result is a magical hybrid creature of broccoli-cake. It is basically the narwhal of content. 

What is a narwhal, you ask? A narwhal is a majestic unicorn whale that seems imaginary but actually exists. Seriously, look it up. Broccoli-cake and narwhals are both real, but only one of them has become the defining feature of the OrcaTV Campus Life Channel. Full disclosure: it’s not narwhals.