OrcaTV Makes a Splash in Atlantic City

This past October we had the honor of presenting at Campus Televideo’s annual conference in Atlantic City. We had such a great time meeting with leaders from the higher education community and learning from all of the presentations. Our very own Youtube Star Joey Goldberg even got to sing the National Anthem before the conference officially started. It was very emotional, by the way.

Our presentation centered on the introduction of our Campus Life Channel. We emphasized how our platform serves to relieve the burden of managing campus communications from administrators. Additionally, we discussed how the Campus Life Channel creates a strong sense of community at our schools with unique content initiatives. Ultimately, our message to the attendees was that our goal is to deliver something we all would have loved while we were in college and improve the overall quality of the campus experience.

Whether we were taking points from HBO’s data collection methods or admiring Pivot’s marketing techniques we really found that it was a great way to gain perspective about working in the sphere of higher education. Most importantly, we felt extremely welcomed by the CTV family and truly enjoyed the opportunity to get to know everyone better. You can find some of our favorite snapshots from the event below.