Orkie in Bloom

Spring is in the air! Every university has events like spring break, spring formal and spring carnivals through out the semester. OrcaTV has partnered with several of our campuses to make these classic springtime favorites more fun and interactive by integrating social media and images to document and spread the word about all of the warm weather fun.


One of the most popular (if not notorious) events of college during the spring semester is most definitely spring break. Groups of students from both the University of New Hampshire and Emory’s School of Nursing decided to skip the stereotypical beach bonanza in favor of alternative spring break trips where they assisted in community service projects across the globe. We were able to pool together all of the tweets and Instagram photos from the UNH trips using their hashtag #UNHABC while students and faculty from Emory took their own photos and videos that we were able to compile into a video montage to show when students returned. 


It also wouldn’t be spring without outdoor concert and fair events. Many schools have their own version of a spring carnival and Johns Hopkins is no exception. They celebrate Spring Fair in style. We were all envious of their Nelly concert as well as the endless photos of funnel cake and fried Oreos they were posting about using #JHUSpringFair. The OrcaTV team was able to seamlessly curate and publish this live-stream of musical and food-themed social media to the entire JHU community.


Last but not least, it wouldn’t be Spring without a fresh bunch of Spring formals. Everyone loves to get dressed up, take lots of pictures and dance the night away with their friends. Even better, students from the University of Mary Washington could see those same pictures the whole next week and relive the night of majestic festivities on their way to class or while they’re studying in the library. By simply including #UMWSpringFormal in the post they were already making about the event they were included in this live-stream of swanky-looking students.


Spring has most definitely sprung at all of our campuses!  As always, the OrcaTV team is here to showcase spring fever in the most interactive and engaging way possible. We curated hundreds of posts submitted by students and faculty in order to bring the campus community together around events that everyone knows and loves.